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The following rods are available for purchase (unless noted otherwise in the description). The rods are listed by length first, then alphabetically by maker. A sale pending tag denotes that an agreement to purchase the item has been reached, but the sale may not yet have been completed.

Fenwick Legacy Model LG 45SUL-2 Spin ~ 4’6” ~ 2pc ~ for 1/16 to ¼ oz lures ~ 1-6 lb. line ~ As New ~ This sweet little spin caster from Fenwick features an attractive brown blank, brown wraps tipped gold, gold guides, and accents. The rod comes with a grey bag that has been altered and a new aluminum tube. This rarely seen model would be perfect for tossing small mepps and panther martins into your favorite little brook or crick. I don’t think this rod has ever been used. $99

Phillipson Royal Model RF76 ~ 7.5’ ~ 2 pc. ~ 3 ½ oz. ~ HDH-HCF #6. EXC+ ~ This Rocky Mountain classic features brown blanks, burgundy silks with light brown accent wraps, mildrum stripper, Aetna foul-proof snakes, and smooth and tight-fitting N/S ferrules that give a nice pop when separated. The business end of the butt section is fitted with a comfortable straight grip with tapered nose, bronze-brown D/L’ing screw and slide hood ‘no rock’ aluminum seat, cone-shaped WC, and HK loop. The set comes with the original bag and Phillipson-labeled tube. I found the rod has an affinity for a Cortland 444 Peach DT-5, but will easily handle a 6 if called upon to do so. This is a really nice find for the Phillipson aficionado and/or any glass rod enthusiast. $275 FALL SALE $175

Temple Fork Outfitters BVK Model TF 03 80 4 B ~ 8' ~ 4pc. ~ 2.3oz. ~ 3wt. ~ EXC ~ From the TFO Web-site: “A finely tuned instrument — lightweight and highly responsive. That’s what experts are saying about our BVK series of fly rods. Engineered to the highest performance standards, the BVK utilizes new materials that dramatically reduce weight while creating an aggressive blend of power and strength. The result is amazing performance and an incredible price. BVK rods are fast action rods designed to excel in Presentation and Distance. The rich translucent olive blanks are topped with matching braided carbon fiber reel seats, our exclusive Tactical Series Stripping Guides*, ultra lightweight chromium-impregnated stainless snake guides and Flor grade grips that are comfortably contoured and uniquely contrasted. Comes in the original labeled bag and a matching Cabela’s aluminum tube. The rod retails for $250. Get this one for… $99

Winston BIIx ~ 8'~ 4pc. ~ 2 5/16 oz. ~ 4wt. ~ BRAND NEW! ~ These responsive, powerful, precision casting rods take advantage of the amazing properties that Boron has to offer. So whether the situation calls for a gentle presentation close-in or long line that reaches out when called upon, a Boron IIx has you covered. Incredibly light and pleasurable to cast all day long. This one is brand spankn’ new with original Winston logo bag, Winston logo green wrinkle-finish tube with rod stats on the cap. It was made for a NC dealer (his name was inked on the rod by Winston) in 2005 who never used it. A super deal for the Winny aficionado. $495 FALL SALE $425

Orvis All Rounder ~ 8’3” ~ 2pc. ~ 2 1/2oz.~ 7wt. ~ SN 0578 ~ EXC+/As New ~ Another extremely hard to find early Orvis graphite (made in 1979), and next to impossible in this condition! features a gray unsanded blank, brown wraps, light cigar grip, cork seat with D/L’ing knurled screw and slide hood hardware. The butt pin on the bottom of the seat carries the rod name and info. The rod comes in the original tan bag and Orvis labeled aluminum tube. A wonderful find for the Orvis enthusiast in like new condition. $395 FALL SALE $295

Fenwick Model FF858 ~ 8.5’ ~ 2pc. ~ 4 1/8oz. ~ 8wt. ~ Serial No. L 135398 ~ EXC- ~ This sweet casting glass rod from Fenwick features a brown blank, brown wraps tipped white and the patented feralite ferrule system. It comes with a plaid bag and Fenwick-labeled aluminum tube. The bag is thought to be original. The tube isn’t. The rod has a comfortable medium action that and is a real powerhouse. Although it’ rated by the AFTMA for a No. 8 line, liked it best when paired with a Cortland 444 Peach WF-7 line. These Feralite models are among the best values out there in classic glass and a popular choice for the Fenwick enthusiast. $125 FALL SALE $99

Thomas & Thomas Horizon Model HS865 ~ 8.5' ~ 2pc ~ 3.2oz. ~ 5wt. ~ Serial No. 95-428 ~ EXC ~ This quality rod from T&T features blue blanks wrapped in deep forest green silks, comfortable western grip, T&T screw U’Ling seat with a nicely figured bubinga spacer and comes in its original bag fitted with stiffener, and original blue T&T labeled tube. The quick and responsive action delivers tight loops with a nice blend of distance and accuracy. $250

Orvis Hydros 906 ~ 9’ ~ 4pc. ~ 2 3/4oz. ~ Tip Flex 9.5 ~ 6wt. ~ EXC ~ This very popular Orvis graphite made in Manchester, VT features an attractive blue sanded blank with blue wraps. From Orvis: This big water fly rod that is lightweight and powerful for booming casts across big rivers and handling large fish with ease. Spend a day on an Alaskan river or an Arkansas tailwater and you'll be sold. It features exclusive thermoplastic, thermoset resins from tip to butt, Precision Power Taper™, Brushed and anodized two-tone skeletal reel seat, Lightweight chrome snake guides, Handsome dark-blue finish, Super-grade cork handle, Cordura rod tube with protective internal dividers. This lightweight rod suddenly turns to superior power when a big fish strikes and will be one of the best fly rod investments you'll ever make. It has a few minor smudges from normal use and remains in excellent condition. $250

Orvis Power Matrix TLS 906 ~ 9’ ~ 4pc. ~ 3 3/8 oz. ~ 6wt. ~ EXC+/As New ~ This quality made tip-flex (9.5) from Orvis features an attractive deep green blank, green wraps, chrome guides, comfortable western-style grip, composite seat with U/L’ing screw and slide hood hardware and comes with the original Orvis labeled burgundy cordura-covered 4-compartment tube with rods info on the cap, booklet and unfettered warranty card. Retail for this rod was about $400. Get this one, twice used, for….175

SOLD Orvis Superfine Touch Model 904 ~ 9’ ~ 4pc. ~ 2 3/8oz.~ 4wt. ~ EXC ~ This quality full flex rod features an attractive dark slate gray unsanded blank, brown wraps, comfortable superfine grip and beautiful cherry burl seat with gold U/Ling screw and slide hood hardware. It comes with original labeled bag, and labeled tube. From the maker: “the Superfine Touch was designed with trout bums in mind. Smooth loading, full-flex action, it's a laid-back rod that packs enough punch to make all the casts, is long enough to provide effective line control, yet doesn't require much room for a backcast. Perfect for backcountry boulder hopping, early morning trico hatches, and everything in between. Made in Manchester, Vermont, USA.” This rod retails for $495.

Orvis T3 Model 906-4 9’~ 4pc. ~ 3 ¾ oz. ~ 6wt. ~ As New ~ This quality made tip flex (9.5) rod was made in June 2002 and features an attractive olive green sanded blank, olive wraps, gold guides, extra flora grade Western grip, N/S U/L’ing seat with an amboina insert, and comes with original bag with stitched in Orvis 25 year guarantee, unused rod cloth, and original moss colored aluminum tube with vented cap. Retail price was $575. Yours for… $350

Thomas & Thomas Horizon HII Model 904-4 ~ 9' ~ 4pc ~ 3.4oz. ~ 4wt. ~ Serial No. 130681 ~ EXC+ ~ This quality multi-piece rod features blue blanks wrapped in deep forest green silks, comfortable western grip, T&T screw U’Ling seat with a nicely figured bubinga spacer and comes in its original bag fitted with stiffener, and original T&T tube cordura covered tube with warranty card. From the maker: “Built with T&T’s exclusive Bi-Angular Fiber Technology (BAFT) , the Horizon II Series feels lighter and more responsive than other high-performance fly rods. But the reason Horizon IIs have so many obsessed fans is crystal clear on the first cast. The HII’s Dual Helical graphite fibers are aligned with laser accuracy, enhancing the transfer of energy throughout your cast, producing an unmatched level of line feel. Enhanced line feel magnifies the rod load allowing you to intuitively step on the power with split-second timing. Result: tight loops, power, and unmatched distance.” $295

I update the site frequently so bookmark the URL and check back often. Make sure to hit your browser's refresh/reload button if you visit often. If you are looking for a particular item and don't see it, drop me a note and I will check around for you. Also, please don't hesitate to call (616) 884-5626 or email with any questions or offers. Trades are always encouraged!


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